Hi, I'm Adi
UX Architect

I help businesses and companies build successful products through accurate goal analysis and deep understanding of people.

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User Experience

Refers to the perceptions, feelings and emotions that a person has when they engage with a website, system or application – in the physical or digital world.

To build a great user experience, it is important to explore the needs and desires of your users and build a prototype to tests your product before advancing to the design and development stages.

UX Process
Main Advantages

Reducing the risk of building a product that is not suitable for users or that is not built correctly

Significant savings in time and money during design and development stages (33-50% on average)

Efficient and convenient product design that will motivate users to return and use it

Increase revenue by preventing abandonment (because good marketing is only one side of the story)

Adi was an integral part in transforming our sensor’s switchboards from a completely analog interface to a digital one. During that time, he was able to understand various challenges and implement solutions that catered to the users’ needs.

For every product & every stage

UX Process

Instead of building, designing, repairing and then repairing again – perform a UX process, get an interactive prototype to test your product and build something right the first time around. Whether you need to develop a completely new product or a new part in an existing product – a UX process is a necessary starting point.

UX Audit

You can continue to wonder why your product is not delivering the results you expect OR you can perform an in-depth analysis using a UX audit. At the end of the process you’ll get a detailed report with concrete recommendations for fixing usability issues and overall improvement in the user experience.

Do not be part of the statistics

75% of the customers who contact me, launched their product too early and are now in a situation where they have to pay extra for design and development work to fix processes that are not working properly or are not tailored to their users.