User Experience Architect

Before we get to your product... A little about me

With an academic background in psychology and over a decade of practical experience in the digital world, I understand how users think and behave and apply this knowledge to build products that deliver results. In recent years, I have had the opportunity to collaborate on a variety of projects with companies of all types and sizes – from small startups to international brands. 

Some of these projects included:

Performing an expert evaluation on dozens of leading companies in collaboration with Google Israel, assisting Leumi Card in their transition to the new MAX brand, completing a UX Process for Pointer’s fleet management system on the global front, improving the SportsEvents365 ticket purchasing funnel, and many others.

Aside from working on various projects, I have also taught user experience as part of a course at HackerU College. Currently, I advise businesses through stages of product development and collaborate with large design and development agencies as an external consultant.

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