Peleg Design – eCommerce


Peleg Design were offering their products through multiple distributors around the world.  Under this setup, the decision about which products to showcase and what stores to work with was left exclusively to the distributors.

What’s more, customers who wanted to purchase a product directly, could not do so on the Peleg Design website.


  • Strengthen the direct relationship between the stores and Peleg Design.
  • Provide customers with an easy way of locating brick-and-mortar stores that sell Peleg Design’s products in their own respective countries.
  • Allow customers to easily purchase Peleg Design products directly on the website from any device.


Although Peleg Design had a substantial amount of traffic on their site, we knew that every product a customer bought was through a distributor – and that’s why the distributors needed to be the first stop in the process.


Together with the stakeholders, we reached out to the list of distributors to gather the information we needed. Our goal was to understand the relationship between Peleg Design and their distributors as well as the relationship between the distributors and customers who purchased a product.


Some distributors only had brick-and-mortar stores, but others also gave us insights into the purchasing habits of the online customers.









Final outcome



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