Israeli Ministry of Economy

Learning platform for business owners




The Israeli Ministry of Economy helps small and medium businesses get the tools they need to grow and scale. After understanding that there are no relevant educational sources in Hebrew, they decided to develop their own learning platform which would offer free online courses in various topics

Challenges & Solutions

Ensure students follow the designated flow for each course and prevent them from skipping important materials

Creating a unique book-like interface which encourages students to focus on one chapter at a time. This reduces cognitive load and decreases the skipping affect

Overcome the feeling of loneliness, usually associated with online learning platforms

Introducing a classroom widget which lets students see and interact with other business owners who are also taking the same course while taking into consideration privacy aspects

Learn more about relevant business owners in order to plan future course materials

Collecting demographic and occupational information during the sign up process + implementing gamification elements within the profile section which encourage business owners to complete it

From UX

From Final Design

Design: Alona Mileshko