Website & App for ticket events


Website, Mobile App


The company offers exclusive tickets and competitive prices for various sporting events around the world. Following an increase in the number of calls to the support team, the company decided to improve the process of purchasing tickets in a way that will allow customers to have greater transparency regarding the status of the ticket they purchased.

Challenges & Solutions

Help users find the event they are searching for more easily

analyzing analytics data and implementing various changes to search and results options (i.e. category based filters)

improving the drop off within the current purchasing funnel

adding necessary information about ticket changes and dependency with other factors that impacted users decision (i.e. hotel reservations)

Keeping track of event changes and reducing cancelations

introducing a new members’ area which allowed users to get notified about event changes in real time as well as checking event status proactively

From UX

I really enjoyed working with Adi on our last tourism redesign project. He has the ability to explain user experience and interaction in a way that anyone can understand and come up with design solutions that are both thorough and simple by delivering insights under sometimes-challenging circumstances. On a personal level, he’s extremely pleasant to work with and has a great understanding of how to relate to people in a way that's appropriate to each situation.