Medical Website for Bulldogs




The site offers a hub of medical information for English and French bulldog owners in the US. Although it receives huge amounts of traffic, the site failed to encourage visitors to purchase treatments from its online store

Challenges & Solutions

Improve time on site and reduce bounce rate

Analyzing analytics data and implementing various changes to support it: simplified navigation (result of an extensive information architecture process), new structure for content pages, mobile adjustments, etc..

Help visitors find the information they need for any medical condition

Creating a new ‘bully filter’ which helps visitors easily search and identify a medical conditions based on body part / symptoms

Increase sales for online store

simplifying the navigation of the store and integrating the bully filter within, allowing visitors to follow the same path of finding a recommended treatment based on the the condition their bulldog suffers from

From UX

From Final Design

Design: אלונה מילשקו

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