YM Technologies

Application For Managing Sensors




The company develops products in the field of flood detection for clients in Israel and around the world. With the migration from analog to digital sensors, the need arose to build a new interface that would support managing the new type of sensors through a new switchboard interface

Challenges & Solutions

Prevent clients from forgetting to fix a sensor issue caused by users silencing alerts

Limiting the option to disable each alert for few minutes only + adding a visual notification in addition to the sound

Reduce costs of company team setup and training for clients

Building a simple onboarding process that helps clients setup a new switchboard quickly and easily without additional training

Reduce errors with sensors installation and long duration per install

Automatically identifying sensor type and displaying only the relevant fields that are required to complete it’s install

From UX

Adi was an integral part in transforming our sensor’s switchboards from a completely analog interface to a digital one. During that time, he was able to understand various challenges and implement solutions that catered to the users’ needs. He also possesses a unique ability to describe complex interactions to designers and developers alike, speaking in a manner that each can fully understand. It was truly a pleasure to work with him.

From Final Design

Design: Alona Milsheko